--Tango Argentino in Alberta, Canada


Go Tango in Canada, North America

Casa Tango Edmonton
Dance school, tango salons, links



Go Tango in Canada, North America

Tango Calgary
Marie Anne + Vivienne promote tango events, classes
and show you where to find it all.

Club Tango Argentino
Where to dance, where to take classes
Agenda, links

directed by: Leo Sato, Rhythm of Peace lead dancer.

Calgary Milongueros
Tango - classes, workshops, events, articles, links

Speaking Tango
Tango events in Calgary & Costa Rica.
Blog postings about Tango and related things.


Tango in Calgary

Dance school, history, events
Page not updated since january 2010...

Tango y nada mas
Tango salon

Tango for the soul
Teacher Maria Soledad de Bilbao

Epicurian Tango Society
Lessons, tango salons