Argentine Tango in The Netherlands

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Grupo del Sur
Matías Pedrana, bandoneon; Anne-Marie van de Grint, violin; Robin El-Hage, piano; Paul Hagenaars, electric guitar; Daniël Lehmann, double bass.

Quinteto Zarate
Lead by violinist Micha Molthoff. Quinteto Zarate plays Argentinian Tango in the style of the famous Quinteto Réal founded by Horacio Salgán. In their performances, arrangements by Salgán alternate with traditional tangos and tangos by Astor Piazzolla.

Mark Wyman
Pianist of Tango and Jazz.
Producer of the 'Tango Fake Book'.
Transcriptions / Lessons Tango and Classic

Quinteto Tango Extremo

Elliot Muusses

Wim Warman
pianist Tango, Jazz

Trio Tincho
Bandoneón, guitarra, contrabajo.
Live tango for dancers and listeners, milonga's and parties.
Management & Info: tel: +31 30 2880521

Hernan Ruiz, guitarist, with trio

El Conjunto
plays the tangos of Astor Piazzolla but also those of Francisco Canaro, Aníbal Troilo, and Osvaldo Pugliese: tango for the concert hall and for the dance salon. The ensemble strives to write its' own arrangements.

José Rivero
Tango singer from Argentina
living in Amsterdam, sings solo, with trio and orchestras.
The webpage contains his music, photos, agenda, contact info

Tango ensemble Tango Dorado
ensemble lead by Christiaan van Hemert

Claudia Copier Vocalist
Claudia Copier Tango-trio

Jolanda van der Doelen

Tangoduo Oognat
Jolanda van der Doelen, bandoneon
Sanne van der Wal, guitar

Otros Tiempos
in the dutch language
Leo Vervelde, Kay Sleking, Luc van Gestel

Guitarras Tango
Kay Sleking, Gerard Splint, Elliot Muusses guitarrón
Maria José Ortíz

Guitarra y Tango
solo Kay Sleking

Danny Malando Tango orchestra
Official website

An all-ladies String quartet

based in the Netherlands

Sexteto Canyengue
Tango sextet of Carel Kraayenhof. Most members of Sexteto Canyengue teach at the Argentine Tango department of the Rotterdam Conservatory

Stichting Argentijnse Muziek
Rig Mutschler

Duo Walton van Duinen
Mirek Walton and Gerard van Duinen
Music for dancers
Den Haag / Rotterdam

Gerard van Duinen
Bandoneonplayer in several groups - composer - arranger
Den Haag

Cuarteto Rotterdam
Michael Dolak (Germany) - bandoneón
Susanne Cordula Welsch (Germany) - violin
Judy Ruks (The Netherlands) - piano
Frances Dorling (England) - double bass

Performance, Danza Y Musica
Dutch Tango trio Los Lunáticos

La Ocasión
Dutch quartet (with singer) plays argentine tango.
Xavier Alberto, Willem Gotink, Erik Evenhuis and Bel van der Linden

Orchestra founded by pianist Maria Martinova

Claudio Constantini
Info and activities of musician Claudio Constantini

Santiago Cimadevilla
bandoneón player

Jantine Koudijzer
guitarist, Rotterdam
Duo Felicia
Trio Sensiblero

Marcos Di Paolo
Tango guitar player, arranger and composer.

Los Taitas
argentinean musicians Hernan Ruiz, Marcos Di Paolo, Santiago Cimadevilla and singer Orlando Miño

Orlando Miño
singer of tango and Argentinean folklore

Orquesta Típica Guardia Cadenera
Large orchestra of young people from various countries
Webpage opens with music (loading)

Trio Nocturna
Charlotte Dupuis, violin + vocals
Mirek Walton guitar, piano
Boris Franz, double bass

Gerard van Duinen Tango Trio
Gerard van Duinen (bandoneon), Hadwijch Hofland (violin) and Jan Willem Troost (cello)
For listening and dancing

Alexander (Sasha) Mitenev

Trio Tangata
Margreet Markerink - Piano, compositions, arrangements
Jacqueline Edeling - Bandoneón
Maaike Wierda - Double bass

Marko Avramovich
tango singer
based in Amsterdam

Origen Tango Orchestra
Flute, guitar, singer
and other instrumentalists
Based in Amsterdam

Las Dos
Ilse Roskam, accordion
Hilde van Heuningen, violin

Jeannine Geerts, singer
Gerard van Duinen, bandoneon
Mirek Walton, guitar
Suze Stiphout, double bass

Tango El Portal
Sextet, playing for dancers, concert or show

Pannonica Saxophone Tango Quartet
Saxophone quartet specialized in music from Argentinean culture
Site contains audio, info, etc

Aires de Tango Amsterdam
1 bandoneonist, 1 pianist, 3 violinists, 1 singer, 1 base player, 1 accordionist, all amateur players
led by their professional bandoneon player

Tango Aliado
Françoise van Varsseveld, violin. Gert Wantenaar, bandoneon. Mariken Zandvliet, piano. Lucas Stam, cello.

Capital Tango
Martin de Ruiter, bandoneon, Annie Tångberg, cello. Andreas Suntrop, guitar.