Mi Lunes
, Argentine Tango in Teatro Munganga
Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs, 1075 VP Amsterdam
Phone number: 020 – 6759837 / 06 – 34840118

Details of other Tango concerts, other concerts and theatre performances are to be found at the website of Munganga: munganga.nl/#programma

Tango dancing once a month on Mondays
Time: 20:00 - 23:30
Your tango hosts: Annet & Josephine. milunes@kpnmail dot nl

The agenda is updated August 31st, 2023.


Monday September 4
with live music by The Guerrero-Capitano Tango Duo. DJ 'Torito'. Entrance € 15.
Lionel Capitano (bandoneon & vocals) & Agustín Guerrero (piano).
All info about the musicians & ticket reservation: munganga.nl/programma/mon-04-sept

Monday October 9
with live music by duo Fain Perkal. DJ Inge. Entrance € 15.

Monday November 6
19.30-20.30 workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci, € 20, salon included.
20.30 salon with DJ Ezequiel. traditional +a bit of neo. Entrance € 8 salon only.

Monday December 4
live concert by Little Tango Orchestra. DJ el Zorro Gris. Entrance € 15.
Little Tango Orchestra plays tangos from the ’40 's to Piazzolla's.
Peter Biesboer (bandoneon), Willem Gotink (guitar), Maarten Klomp (double bass) and Evelyne Montens (vocals).

Monday 10 Oct 2022 we had DJ Pieter and live music by the three guitarists of La Runfla to dance to!
Listen to La Runfla at its website





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