MONDAY 17 June, 20:30

About the dialogue leaders and followers can have if they know the technique and therewith can discover the possibilities: the follower's creativity and musicality added to that of the leader creates a more exciting dance for both. A guided practica after the workshop. € 20.

MONDAY 24 June, 20:30
Milonga inspired by Pepito Avellaneda, a great Milonga dancer of the past century. € 20.

Geraldina Rojas y Rob 'Torito'.

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Mi Lunes, tango on Mondays in Amsterdam, NL
Small and cozy salon.
Often with live music.
Sometimes with a workshop before the milonga.

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Rent a beautiful boat in Amsterdam with a skipper/tourguide.
Tanguero Rob ('Torito') could be the skipper for your private boat party at the open boat 'Lautta'or salonboat 'Vellamo' or the maller open boat 'Woef.

Those Dam Boat Guys
or book a small, 8 ppl electric boat for your private party (€280) and ask for 'Torito' being your private skipper & tourguide for an enjoyable and relaxed 90 minutes at the Amsterdam canals.