Educational illustrations.
Cartoons for specialized subjects and a specific kind of communication.
Visualizing ideas born at meetings, fast sketches or cartoonlike illustrations for publications.
All drawings copyright Rob Nuijten, Amsterdam

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Cartoons in assignment of Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken NV, Eindhoven and Breda.

Most primitive fuse of he kind that Philips would not allow to be used in its products...
Immaginative genetic changes caused by severe defects in wrongly manufactured TV equipment.

Educatieve uitgeverij

Ontwikkeling van een rivierbedding


doorsnee aarde


Schollentectoniek en ontstaan van bergketens


Dode natuur
/ Natuurlijk milieu / Door mensen gevormd milieu


Doorsnede polders, in hoogte uitvergroot


Onstaan van een 'puinwaaier'


Karikaturale symbolen voor Ierland, Montenegro, Roemenie,


Verschillende vormen van vulkanisme


This detail of the drawing above here is shown enlarged below.


New Business Search & Development

    Visualisatie van verschillende, voor bepaalde bebouwing geschikte locaties

Bejaarden en hun mogelijke bezigheden.


In commision of Postkantoren BV, the dutch postoffices.


Effect van wachtrij op de beleving van de klant


The various stages of patience or irritation when waiting in a row before the post offices EXPRESS desk...

Flexibele deeltijdwerker / Flexible part-timer


  Ideologien wijken voor het doen overleven van de economie


  Informatie is macht



  Behoefte aan beveiliging


Hoe kan techniek voldoende aansluiten bij de behoeften van ouderen (vergrijzing)?

  Organisaties wisselen gemakkelijker/vaker van bestuur, van 'hoofd'.


Access points for electronic banking spread over the earth.


Artikelen over de hele wereld makkelijker verkrijgbaar.


  Milieubewuste burgers.


Informatie- en aankoopzuilen met zelfbediening en betaling met pinpas


Office with the atmosphere of having time for the client.



First drawing of how it could look and function if postoffices were introduced in the existing Bruna shops.
Drawing presented by strategic director of PostOffices Netherlands at a meeting with the board of directors of the Bruna shops.


Woningbedrijf Amsterdam

Instructional poster for the introduction of contract management at Woningbedrijf Amsterdam.



Client: a leading management consultancy


Which direction? Writer's (2) dilemma in choosing for the interests of publisher Ten Have Stam (speeding up the completion of the book) or for the interestes of management consultants (finishing the contents of the book according the standards of the consultancy)?
Drawing projected on a screen at the presentation of the book in the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.



What draws buyers of books, reduced prices, fashion, quality, ....?
Drawing projected on a screen in the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.,at the presentation of a book produced by management consultants.

Virtual books
Drawing projected on a screen in the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.,at the presentation of a book produced by management consultants.


Consultants and their various ways of gathering knowledge about one specific subject of investigation.


Investments, should they be used to help the old projects survive, or only for the support of succesful new projects?
Cover illustration of a publication by a leading management consultancy



Making internet work for selling products. Unfinished sketch.


Website promotion still needs to be done with conventional methods.


Virtual shoping with a palmtop computer. Ingeneers investigating the proper techniques that would appeal to the public.



Alternative survival methods being experimented with.


8 different specialisms gathered for a meeting about a new service.
Proctor & Gamble / Fastfood / Mobile gambling / mobile telephone addict / Outdoor sport & nature / karaoke, theatre / Television / Wealthy elderly.



Fast sketches of trends, made during a meeting of consultant and his client:


  Entering a shop...

and experience that the shop knows who you are. Fast sketches.

Being part of a bigger movement, a club. Fast sketch.



A need to visibly be a member of a club. Fast sketch.


A need to mourn nationwide. Fast sketch.

A need to be part of a nationwide movement, and a need to visibly show that one is part of it. Fast sketch.

Television, becoming a popular medium for typical home situated activities. Fast sketch.

Men will always be boys. Fast sketch.  


Need for drama and sharing the experience with a group. Fast sketch.


Attempt to keep control over all facets of life. Fast sketch.

Stressed people may want to retreat in monastries. Fast sketch.


A need to play against another person and win games, satisfied electronically. Fast sketch.

Use of internet, by elderly with limited movability. Fast sketch.

    Need for anonimity, but also for ways to have vistors pay for services. Fast sketch.


     Thrillseekers holidays. Fast sketch.

Immediate response to TV broadcasts, by phone (SMS) or computer. Fast sketch.



Disbelieve, when an internetshop is only virtual and not a shop one can go and visit 


Where is that money, that others seem to make with the internet?


Consultants experiencing a writers block


Discussion about the innovative climate in the Netherlands.


(Investments) "Tell me, are you now indeed making new things with this new equipment?".


  Over-protection of local- or family businesses.


"Where's your production of today?" Unwise pressure from the boss, blocking real creative processes.



ASE / Financial Transformation

My friend explaining one more time what his FT department is and does...

Financial Transformation goes International and achieves miracles in other countries. Fast sketch.


' friend, we know eachother for years, but...what is it exactly, that you do, in our company?'. Fast sketch.


Keeping the relatives motivated.
Pleaeaease,...... take me to one of those great Capgemini parties again!


  All employees have their own specialty and that's what makes the company so colourful and vibrant.

"Hurray!". Every team member will be happy for another team member completing the mission.
Team members help eachother, no one is forgotten.


Client scan. Who's worth it to have as a client? Fast sketch.


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