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Torito PasionArte finds the Tango and flamenco artists that fit your event, in the Netherlands or worldwide. Mostly we are contacted by event organisors, for a thorough advize. Sometimes we help them build a show (See 'What we did'). Please note, that none of these services are free of charge.

We often know these musicians and dancers personally, have seen their show, have listened to their music and experienced their effect on the audience. We know the top artists, we know the second best. If we know more about your wishes, your audience and your budget, we'll make the right people meet and have a good experience with music & dance.

See the list of examples of what we did


How and when to contact us / Back to menu

Before you contact us by phone we'd like you to send us an email with a sketch of your wishes. Let us know at what date you need our advise to be delivered to you*. We will prepare ourselves for your specific plan before we have our first meeting. Your request is always regarded as confidential.

We'll answer within a few hours or a day, depending the urgency and the nature of your message.

Note, that after this first contact, we can not and will not make reservations or do any scouting without a clear assignment and agreement.

 * Be aware that, as long as you did not book the artists, they can be booked by others. Today's scouting results may be outdated in a day or a week.


Torito PasionArte
Contact: Rob Nuijten
Send an email with a first sketch of the request to: Email
Please read the text above here!

Torito PasionArte is registered at:
Kamer van Koophandel, Amsterdam. Nr 334173898


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Cinema movie

Cinema movie, the Dutch remake of 'De Loft'.
Our job: arrange 4 tango dancers for a nightly/early morning shoot.

Dinner show in Scotland

Tango show with 4 top dancers and 14 musicians, organised for dinner & dance party of client in the North sea off-shore industry, Scotland
1 hour of Tango show and 4 hours of live -music (Jazz, Argentine Folk,
Tango, Gipsy, Klezmer). The artists were from Argentina, Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland and the USA.

Radio interviews

Having Argentine Tango singers Mario Pinnola and Fabian Russo interviewed by Amsterdam FM Radio.

Workshop for managers

Top managers of a large insurance company have a class 'It takes 2 to Tango'. For all of them an advanced dancepartner was arranged.

Torito introduced artists to events like:

Selecting 2 tango dance couples to be added to performance of an American orchestra touring in Europe
Preparing agreement for both parties.

Selecting tango dance couples for 2 dinner shows
Preparing agreement for both parties.

ZumbaLive, fundraising event for support of the activities of Pink Ribbon
Our job: find the best tango and flamencodancers available, that meet the specific criteria of the organisor.

Cinema movie, De Loft (dutch remake)
released in the Dutch cinemas in December 2010

Our job: arrange 4 tangodancers that meet the criteria, within the one afternoon before the shoot.
Stokvis / Ivo Niehe productions, television
Our job: organisation of dance class for a documentary around a painter, to be shown on television.

An offshore company
Our job for Houston, Texas
: scouting musicians, singers and dancers and putting a show together with a variety of music, including Tango.
Our job for Aberdeen, Scotland
: Booking 19 of the best dancers and musicians available and putting a show together, including Tango, Jazz & Swing, gipsy & klezmer Argentine folk and 10 spectacular Tango dance performances.

Event organisation buro
Our job: Finding the best dancers for a performance in a huge and spectacular show, organised for a banking company and its relations.

Various fundraising events for help-projects in Argentina
Finding musicians and dancers who volunteer for classes and stage performances.

Various large companies
Tango dance demos and lesson for large groups of people at international parties.

A Tango club
Our job: Organise 4 dance couples for performances and lessons and managing the publicity.

Don Tango festival, Amsterdam
Our job: introducing the top dance couple and first negociations. Design of publicity for printed media, flyers and webpages.

Event organisation buro
Our job: Booking of the best dance teachers available and 18 very advanced tangodancers for a few hours of dancelessons and short show, for rewardwinning employees of a telecom company.

Cultural center
Our job: Emergency call. Collecting music samples, CV's, negociating with both parties and booking of 4 Tango musicians for a cultural festival, within 4 hours.

AIDS benefit in Amsterdam
Our job: Getting the best Argentinean dancers for this event (on tour in Italy) to fly to Amsterdam. Preparing the contract.

Tango festivals
in Zwolle, Deventer, Amsterdam
Our job: scouting and/or booking the right artists for show and workshops.

A Museum in Amsterdam
Our job: Booking of a DJ, and the organisation of a salon de Tango as part of a work of art.

A Theatre in Amsterdam
Our job: Booking of showdancers, DJ, speaker, for an afterparty after a concert. Organising extra publicity, publishing a webpage about the event.

An non Tango Orchestra
Our job: Booking of showdancers, DJ, speaker, for an afterparty after a concert. Organising extra publicity, publishing a webpage about the event. Design of booklet. Photography of concert. Finding sponsors.

A Tango school in Italy
Our job: Organisation of tango dance nights, with performances

AVRO Radio
Our job: scouting tango musicians and singers to be interviewed in AVRO's weekend Cafe.

Local Radio's in Amsterdam
Our job: Introducing tango musicians and singers.

A cultural Foundation in Rotterdam
Our job: Booking tango musicians.

Open Air Theater Vondelpark Amsterdam, 4 x
Our job: Putting a tangoshow together, with live music and dance performances.

Tango benefits for Argentina 4 x
Our job: Organisation of workshops, show dance, livemusic, webpages, art auctions.

TangoX4, mini-festival 2004, Amsterdam
Our job: Booking of showdancers, DJ. Publicity, publishing a webpage about the event.

Salon Don Tango 1st anniversary, Amsterdam
Our job: Booking of showdancers.

8th Accordion Festival, Deventer
Our job: Negociations with- and booking of showdancers, teachers for workshops.

Various private parties
Our job: Booking of musicians.


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