This website is about the Tango Agenda of the Netherlands, Tango websites worldwide, Torito Tango in Amsterdam and the artwork of the editor of this website.

Publisher / chief editor
Rob Nuijten ('Torito')

Business name:
'Torito PasionArte'
Listed with the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam,
the Netherlands.

My work is in illustration and design (My art page)
I used to dance ballroom, and later 7 years of flamenco but when I saw a Tango performance on videotape I was hooked already. So, since 1991, Tango it was and Tango it will be. Tango also became a semi-professional occupation, in various ways (organising, teaching, exhibiting). My tango page.
At the same time I'm fascinated about this medium, the internet, that allows immediate publication of messages, stories, agenda's, images.
Regarding the many updates, often daily, of additions to the Tango agenda, this medium internet and this agenda indeed seem to serve the need for a rapid information exchange in the tango community and beyond. Being the editor & publisher is fun and rewarding.

There's a steadily growing number of visits to this page. About 80% of the hits are from within the Netherlands.




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Newsletters are not considered agenda update messages. The editor will not scan through a newsletter to see if there might be some news that's not already mentioned on the Torito's online Tango Agenda.

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Tango vacations in Europe
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You want to find the tango dancers and/or musicians fitting style, quality and the budget of your event, but where do you start?
Use Torito Events' more than two decades of experience in the Tangoworld.
Clients were: theatres, event organisors of large businesses, radio broadcast companies, festivals, but also organisors of weddings and other private parties.
Please note that this is not a gratis service.



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