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Equinox Tango nr III
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Equinox Tango

At an open air train station museum in Goes the southwest of the Netherlands, there's tango organised in an formar storage building called 'De Goederenloods'. Equinox Tango offers milongas and workshops, but, so far, just 2 times per year, when the sun crosses the equator. A rare occasion to dance in yet another special place in the Netherlands. Next time: Sept 21.

Dancing with Rabbi Jacob

The maestros having fun, dancing along with a clip of the movie Rabbi Jacob (Louis de Funes) at the opening weekend of Victoria Tango Club in Brussels.
See photos of workshops with Pablo Veron, made by Frederik Taen.

Tango and Cash

Drawn by its cheap prices and Paris-like elegance, foreign artists are colonising Buenos Aires, transforming this sprawling metropolis into a hothouse of cool, writes Denny Lee.
The tango dancers took their places inside a cramped apartment in downtown Buenos Aires, as David Lampson, a 29-year-old television writer from Boston, wiped his brow. Even though it was 38 degrees outside, the fans were shut off, spotlights switched on and windows blacked out with trash bags. The cameraman waited until the smoke machine blurred the parquet floor before yelling: "Action."

A story in the Sidney Morning Herald about the present life and opportunities in Buenos Aires.
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Rubèn & Sabrina (BsAs)

dance performances in Salon De Plantage in Amsterdam, March 28, as filmed by Wouter van der Hoeven.

Opening with a Tango waltz
Tango 1, Nochero soy
Tango 2, Bordoneo y 900
and an 'otra', a Chacarera

Biezenmortel Tango weekend

March 14, 15, performances
Mariano & Cosima
Ruben & Sabrina and other teachers
(videos hindered by messages about non registered software)
Classes Ruben & Sabrina
All Biezenmortel 2008 videos  made by 'Rugov' from Belgium, at his personal profile page
Videos by Rugov
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Tango schilderijen

De in Amsterdam geboren kunstenares Inez Köhler woont en werkt in Voorhout, maakt grafiek, aquarellen, maar ook schilderijen met onderwerpen uit Zuid Amrikaanse culturen, waaronder de Tango.

Tango schilderijen

Inez Köhler, home

Melingo in concert

great photographs of Melingo made during his concert in Ancienne Belgique, in Brussels, March 27, made by Frederik Taen.
Melingo (vocals, Argentina) presented his new CD 'Maldito Tango' of the Manaña label.
Concerting with bandoneon, guitaar, double base, a 'singing saw', a violin and more.
See all photos

Op donderdagavond 27 maart 2008 presenteerde Daniel Melingo in het Ancienne Belgique te Brussel zijn nieuwe album Maldito Tango. Met zijn theatrale expressies wist hij het gehele publiek te vervoeren en mee te nemen in zijn wereld van de Tango Cancion. Bevlogen door het woord vertolkte hij subtielere versies van zijn eerdere oeuvre aangevuld met nieuw en verrassend materiaal. Begeleid door excellente musici dirigeerde hij het publiek moeiteloos. Tijdens 'Muleta De Borracho' draafde Melingo blootvoets door met het opzwepen van de zaal. Niet eerder hoorden zij een instrumentale vertolking van 'Volver' op een zingende zaag. Na een staande ovatie kwam daar eindelijk de 'Narigon' die het concert weergaloos afsloot.

Frederik Taen, Tangobenelux, Brussel.

Neo tango is here to stay

Lately, there has been a lot of movement in the world of tango music. The best example is probably the recent rise of neo tango. But also more and more tango orchestras are formed and appear on stage.

It seems obvious that there is a need for new tango music and new tango compositions. The music competition Concurso del Ocho, an initiative of the Doble Ocho tango festival, aims at stimulating new music, independent whether it is orientated towards traditional tango or neo tango.

Written by Arnoud de Graaff

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Souvenirs of Doble Ocho festival

Click here to see the photos of the recent festival in Nijmegen.

Festival page

Margreet Markerink won The Choclo contest

the contest for tango music composers, organised by the dutch Tangomagazine La Cadena in cooperation with Tangoo dance school Tango La Zapada, was won by pianist Margreet Markerink. The jury formed by Alfredo Marcucci (president of the jury), Birkit Wildenburg (dancer, Tango La Zapada), Hugo Buiten (dancer, Cuartito Azul), Willem Lammerink (editor La Cadena) found her music very danceable, original, surprising, but never too far from the traditional tango.
Part from the trophee, the winner recieves a full day in a professional sound studio to record the composition Saturday June 14, the winner, Margeet Markerink, will play at the Gran salon de Tango in Utrecht, organised by Tango La Zapada.
Read all at the website of The Choclo

still from video archive

Gonzalo Robinson & Alejandra Soto

It was quite a treat to see this dance couple in action. First in Tango Centro (The Hague, March 1), later in salon Don Tango (Amsterdam, March 9) the gathered tangueros will have enjoyed the exhibitions as well as their 'private' dances on the crowded floor. The fraseo, the dance between te counts, the playing with the music, the calmness, elegance, and then little explosions, never out of control, but pasionate must have been inspiring for many. Just looking at them may make one dance better, because one sees how essential it is, to play with the music.

Here a video of the couple found on youtube.
See videos on YoouTube
See videos on website Gonzalo Robinson
Rob Nuijten, the edtitor

Song of the week

Another website that's worth a weekly visit is the blog of Marcos di Paolo, one of the fine Argentinean musicians living in the Netherlands, since on the blog you'll find a new interesting and beautiful song every week, that he found somewhere and likes to share with the rest of the world. See top right of he page and click the music bar
Whole songs with music played by himself, solo, or with Santiago Cimadevilla, Los Taitas and Racing Club Tango, you'll find at the music page


Accordionist from Roumenia

Constantin, accordionist from Roumenia, often playing in shopping centre Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht, played his tangos at a practise night in November of Tangoschool Carla Somer, in Culemborg (the Netherlands). It appeared that Constantin was used to play tango continuously as if it were one piece, all together. But soon he found out, that tangodancers prefer sets of 4 tangos that last just a few minutes per piece. The dancers enjoyed the encounter so much, that they'll soon invite Constantin again to come and play.


Ramiro Gallo Quintet
Delicate violence and violent delicacies

Review of the concert in Amsterdam, February 15, Tropentheater, theatre of the Tropical institute.

Ramiro Gallo has a rich variety of techniques that enables him to enjoy playing the violin to the fullest, and the audience with him. The quinteto, composed by all very skilled musicians, indeed lives up to its promise: partly violent modern tangos, where the instruments like double base and violin are beaten or scratched, the piano keys pounded, larded with pieces as delicate as classical chamber music. Very Piazzolla inspired, but also very 'Ramiro Gallo'.
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Amsterdam music collector and DJ Remi Kooij died

February 9, the wellknown tango DJ and tango music collector Remi Kooij, died.
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Op de ochtend van 9 februari is de bekendste tango Dj en tangomuziekverzamlaar, Remi Kooij, op 61 jarige leeftijd, heel rustigjes overleden, in het woonzorgcentrum De Buitenhof in Amsterdam-Buitenveldert.

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© photos and collage are copyrights protected.
You can save the photos for your own private use, but publication of these images or parts of these images is not allowed without written permission of the photographer Allard van der Hoek <allard.Hoek(at)> and designer / publisher Rob Nuijten, Amsterdam .

Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne.
Movies of their
performance at YouTube

Tangomagia festival X, December 2007, Amsterdam.
Photos © Allard van der Hoek

The band 'Tanghetto' first appearances in the Netherlands.

December 19, 2007, in Groningen,

December 20, 2007, in The Hangue.

December 26, 2007, in Amsterdam (Tangomagia festival, opening night, in De Melkweg.

Tanghetto (BsAs) in the Netherlands

Seen and heard December 20, thursday, in The Hague, Korzo theater, Concert + salon de Tango.

Tanghetto was presented as the host of a Tango salon in the Korzo theatre in The Hague. I indeed entered a kind of salon setting, with high tables wrapped into large white table cloths around a large wooden dance floor. DJ Rein filled the hour before the concert. Tanghetto started a half hour later, what may have been caused by the room not filling up much. About 200 people visited the concert what must have been quite a dissappointment after all the reduction vouchers being spread by various influencal media with extensive mailinglists in the dutch tango world. The group played various songs from their first CD 'inmigrante' (which refers to the argentinean leader of the band Max Masri living in Germany before re-migrating to Argentina) and newer ones. Their second CD is being produced these days. As the band claimed 'to host a milonga', a salon de tango, they explained the gathered tango lovers to have chosen songs that were most danceable. And they were. However, I became more and more curious to know what other tunes they could come up with, that didn't look so much alike. One time I was almost sure they played a song that just had been played; thát similar it was. So, after a good start, where the wilder tangueros tested the dance floor for all their tricks and stunts, and even the local 'old-fashioned' milonguero-style dancers carefully danced right into the tango heart of exotic ladies visiting from the far east, there were moments that one thought: what else can you play, guys?
In the break DJ Rein did not compete with the newer style music heard from the stage. He sticked to the golden oldies. One remark heard from a tanguero who organises a traditional milonga in Amsterdam, when a lady invited him for a little chat: "Chat, sure, but not in the break!" It portrayed an opinion more often heard that night; the band wasn't keeping the attention of the visitors with songs that were too much alike. Once a 'modern' rhythm was discovered, it seemed there was little else to do than fill it with a different variation of notes, push the repeat button of the computer and add some live variations on the theme. Tanghetto seems to be just 'more of the same'. Well, I hope I'm wrong of course. When Tanghetto appears in Amsterdam, December 26th at the Tangomagia festival, they may come up with a more exiting selection of their compositions. At the end the band however received a warming applause and they were asked for otra's. I applauded as well, for the work the guys had been doing on stage, and not, as may be clear at the end of my review, for the compositions.
And then, baff, with their last 'otra' they did such a good job. It made the people dance wildly, and me to believe in them again.
In the continuing milonga, local DJ Rein played wonderfull dance music chosen from a large variety of orchestra's. It was a lovely night.

Rob Nuijten, the editor

A vast collection of video's of Tanghetto on YouTube
Click here

Tanghetto (a contraction of tango and ghetto) refers to the small communities of Argentinean exiles on the European side of the ocean. Tanghetto was established in the year 2001 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; leaders of the group are Max Masri (electronics) and Diego S. Velazquez (guitars). Max Masri, in his youth one of the last students of tango legend Virgilio Expósito, returned to Buenos Aires from Germany in the mid-90's. The experiences that he shared with Argentinean emigrants gave him the idea to develop a new musical idiom in which tango and modern sounds could merge.


'Ensuciando papeles'

Beyond magazine viel de afgelopen week in de bus, met de bijbehorende CD. Op deze CD ditmaal ook een milonga van Carel Kraayenhof, 'ensuciando papeles' ('papier vuilmakend'), zoals deze ook te horen is in de show 'Tango Heroes'. Het valt te hopen dat muziekpapier nog veel vaker op deze manier wordt vuilgemaakt. Deze milonga dwingt je de dansvloer op. De sound is onmiskenbaar Carel en zijn Sexteto Canyengue, maar dit nummer vind ik swingender, lyrischer dan zijn vorige composities die me wat 'braaf' overkwamen. Een geslaagde keuze op de verder ook beluisterens- en danswaardige CD vol hedendaagse wereldmuziek.

Beyond magazine CD 3, Track 13. Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue met 'Ensuciando papeles'
Beyondmagazine, mp3 van de eerste 45 seconden.
Video-collage over Carel, op YouTube startend met deze milonga.

Correctief commentaar van de leading dancer in de show, Arjan Sikking: "het is geen milonga maar een candombe."
(Redactie: het candombe ritme is de voorloper van het milonga ritme, en vormt daarmee één van de roots van de tango).


Bajofondo Mar Dulce

Hetzelfde Beyond magazine bericht over de nieuwste CD van Bajofondo, genaamd Mar Dulce. Bajofondo (voorheen 'BajofondoTangoclub') is geen 'Tangoclub' meer, maar wel bevat de CD Argentijnse straatrap en 'tango hiphop' temidden van 'latinpopsongs', en een ballad met Elvis Costello. Helaas staan geen van deze nummers op deze derde Beyond magazine CD.


Tango, fado en flamenco in Amsterdam

TangoTalks biedt, in samenwerking met Terromoto dans- en kijk- en luisteravonden met een mix van flamenco en tango en zopas zelfs ook fado.
Meesterlijke performances voor de liefhebbers. Echter, de doorsnee tangodansers zijn geneigd nogal gauw te klagen wanneer er niet 'gewoon tangogedanst' kan worden. Bij de mooiste flamenco-optredens voelen ze zich vaak enkel 'van de vloer gebonjourd'. Tijdens hun gemopper in de gang of bij de bar missen ze het spektakel waarvoor ze nog een paar euro entree betaald hebben. Ook de tangoartiesten, die zouden moeten weten hoe het hoort, staan hardop te chatten wanneer een collega artiest met bloedserieuse flamencozang of een zeer kundig en temperamentvol uitgevoerde dans de harten beroert van hen die wel weten waarvoor ze kwamen.
Niet dat alle optredens zo profi zijn, maar 3/4 is van echt hoog niveau, en wie begrijpt welk een feestje hier wordt gemaakt, begrijpt ook de intentie van dat andere kwart: je maakt het feestje samen. De flamencomensen begrijpen dat systeem veel beter dan de tangueros.
Heerlijk gedanst overigens, ook al vond ik de tijd niet eens, om bij al dat boeiends, nog mijn dansschoenen aan te trekken!

Video of a jazzy La Yumba interpretation by Tango Crash, at the Jazzfestival 2006, Delmenhorst (Germany)
Video made by Volker Marschhausen.

Tango is a sad thought that can be sung

Tango Voices, a new songbook with CD, came out recently and this may interest most of the readers of this Tango agenda, since they are the ones this production is meant for. the tangos they always listened to.

The writer, Donald Cohen, says: "This book is about tango, more specifically it is about tango canción or tango song: that is to say, about tangos and the people who wrote them, played them and sang them. It was written primarily for those who know little about tango, and for those who may know much about the dance, but little about the music or songs to which it is performed."

Easy to read, and full of interesting history around these songs and their singers. There's lot of things to learn from it, and I think it must indeed be appealing for the people it's meant for. Dancers of tango often have no clue what the lyrics are about, not speaking the language, let alone the dialect lunfardo. Great is, that all these tangos on the CD are very danceable. One can play the CD and sing along with the text in the book, read its translation (into english, as the book is in english) and then even dance to it, with a lot more knowledge about these famous tangos than all the years before. One could pick up the guitar, like Carlos Gardel, and look at the drawings of the chords or follow the notes on the sheet music.

To read all, click here.
Includes details for order and shipment.


Jubileum zangeres Mabel González

De uit Uruguay afkomstige Mabel González viert dit jaar haar 20-jarige jubileum als tangozangeres. Als zangeres heeft zij uiteenlopende muziekstijlen afgetast, alvorens ze definitief voor de Tango koos. In 1987 wordt zij gevraagd om voor een tangofestival in Paradiso (Amsterdam) wat tango's in te studeren en te zingen. De Tango van de Rio de la Plata, haar eigen geboortestreek, laat haar sindsdien nooit meer los.

Mabel González vertolkt de tango in de dubbelrol van zangeres en actrice. Enerzijds benadert zij hem op bijna minimalistische wijze, met respect voor de grote tangodichters, maar tegelijkertijd richt zij zich op de meest dramatische kant van het genre: haar teksten gaan vaak over ongelukkige liefdesgeschiedenissen, over de heimwee van een emigrant wiens ogen aan de andere kant van de zee achterbleven, en over verslagen rebellieën. Het is niet voor niets dat tango symbool staat voor heimwee. Haar zingen ontlokte Tangodichter Horacio Ferrer de volgende uitspraak: "Zij zingt als een traan onder de Hollandse vierkante maan".

Jubileum concert, performances, salon met live music
30 November 2007, Bibelot (church) Dordrecht


New CD 'Tango around the world'

A new release of the Putumayo label, distributed in the Netherlands by Pink Records. Lovely cover art, as always. The CD contains Tango- and 'Tango influenced music'. My first impression is that it's a pity that a CD of only 11 songs, called Tango Around The World, could not stick to just Tango. It also contains bolero- and other rhythms (Earth Wheel Sky Band with 'Gipsy Tango', and Federico Aubele from Argentina (!), with 'Pena') and sometimes it's just the word 'Tango" in the text, that seems enough to make it appear on this Tango CD. The music on itself is quite nice, and there's also a few songs on it that may be played in the neotango salons where much need for a Tango rhythm isn't felt either,

Read all and listen to samples of all tracks

Orquesta Típica Sans Souci founded in 1999, aims at recreating the musical styles of the orquestas típicas of Miguel Caló and Osmar Maderna. With four bandoneons, four violins, a double-bass, a piano and a singer, it's like an orquesta típica of the fourties and the fifties. Some of these guys even played in the orchestras of the famous maestros mentioned above.

Read more, +samples of 4 complete tangos

Mala Pinta met Travesía

Luister naar de nummers op de nieuwe CD 'Travesía' van Mala Pinta (Nederland)
2. Brumas porteñas (Alejandro Schwarz)
3. Mano brava (Buzón-Cadícamo)
8. El pollo Ricardo (Luis Fernandez)
9. Ventarrón (Maffia-Staffolani), zang: Maria José Ortiz
10. Invierno porteño* (Astor Piazzolla)

Van hun eerste CD, 'Derecho Viejo' kan je luisteren naar
1. Derecho viejo (Eduardo Arolas)
3. El Sordo (Gerard van Duinen)

directe link:
en luister


Mala Pinta met CD Travesia

Mala Pinta ontstond in 2003; de muzikanten leerden elkaar kennen aan het conservatorium van Rotterdam. Hun debuut vond plaats in het openluchttheater van het Vondelpark in Amsterdam, op uitnodiging van Torito Events. Dit leidde tot uitnodigingen van milongas (danssalons) door heel Nederland, maar de groep trad ook op in Paradiso in Amsterdam en jazzclub Panonica in Den Haag.

In 2004 werd de eerste cd 'Derecho viejo' in Brussel opgenomen. Optredens in Parijs en Londen volgden, en de groep ontwikkelde meer en meer een eigen geluid. Ook in 2005 bleef het aantal optredens groeien, en speelde de groep een eerste concert in België. De ontwikkeling van de band werd onder meer versterkt door coaching van de in Parijs gevestigde maestro Juan José Mosalini.

Gedurende concerten in 2006 werd het repertoire voor de cd TRAVESIA ontwikkeld, onder meer gedurende een korte theatertoernee in Nederland. Mala Pinta speelt in 2006 ook haar eerste concerten in Duitsland, en de milonga Chalet du Lac, in Parijs.

In 2007 verschijnt de cd TRAVESIA en maakt de groep een eerste, tournee door Engeland. Ook wordt Mala Pinta uitgenodigd in Bern, Zwitserland.

Mala Pinta probeert de mythe van de tango te ontrafelen en een nieuwe weg te ontsluiten voor hen die nog niet eerder met tango in aanraking kwamen. Tango is al lang niet meer het exclusieve domein van de porteños, de inwoners van Buenos Aires. Het is muziek van de grote stad, vol van de energie en de emoties die branden in de harten van alle wereldsteden. 

Het tangokwartet staat onder leiding van Gerard van Duinen (bandoneón) die ook voor de arrangementen zorgt. Hij leerde de tango als danser kennen. In 1999 ging hij bandoneón studeren en is thans leerling van de Argentijnse grootmeester Juan José Mosalini. Verder bestaat dit jonge tangokwartet uit Ivo de Greef op piano, Arjen Leendertz op Contrabas en Caroline Pearsall op viool.

17 november 2007, saturday, in Amsterdam.
- Salon Academia de Tango.
18 november 2007, sunday, in Dordrecht.
- La Milonga de Mabel.